An English Sterling Epergne made by Mathew Bolton, 1825-26

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A rare  example of the late Regency style in English silver, beautifully made by Birmingham’s renowned silversmith Matthew Bolton.

Around 1850, the candle sockets  were made by another silversmith to interchange with the bowls. About the same time, the heavy oak case was made and fitted to store each component in a padded pocket. A crest is included on one of the panels of the base. The glass may have  been replaced around that time.

It is engraved with a crest and the motto: EEN DO AND SPARE NOT

Height:  17 inches

Width:  About 18 inches

Marks:  The epergne is fully and correctly marked.  The marks on the upper rim and base are somewhat obscured. All other marks are very clearly struck. The sockets, which are a later, addition, are not marked.

Condition:  Excellent, with one old repair.

Price: $16,500.00