Sterling Punch Bowl Designed by Tapio Wirkkala Sold

Diameter: 14 inches, 

Height: 7 3/4 inches 

Weight: 83 Troy ounces (2595.grams)

Price: Sold

This punch bowl was designed by Tapio Wirkkala for Tané, circa 1975. It was hand raised from a single sheet of silver by the renowned Mexican master silversmith Odilon Marmolejo. The craftsmanship is magnificent as is all the work of this silversmith. The planished surface is especially fine. The design with the highly polished dome in the bottom and elegantly conceived form is reminiscent of other bowls by Wirkkala. A search of the literature and the internet suggests that this is the largest silver bowl made to Wirkkala’s design.

Tapio Wirkkala’s designs for Tané are not well known because pieces seldom appear on the market. There is discussion of them in Tapio Wirkkala: eye, hand and thought,Marianne Aav, ed. (Stockholm, 2000). On page 373 are drawings and images of some of his designs for Tané and on page 189 there is a photograph of silver and rosewood spoons he designed for Tané.

The mark is on the outside near the rim

The mark on the left of the photograph is the Mexican standard mark (925/1000) used between 1955 and 1979.  It is the outline of an eagle incorporating the number 71, Odilon Marmolejo’s government registration number.  I do not know what the “A” in a circle on the right means. Wirkkala had his pieces designed for Tané marked with a scratch “WT” which appears on the right underneath the other marks. 

Interior of bowl showing dome

page from Tane Brochure circa 1975
page from Tane Brochure circa 1975