76 Pieces French Sterling Flatware in Royal Cisele Pattern by Christofle

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This set of French sterling flatware was made by Maison Christofle after 1994. The pieces are heavy, finely made, and of the large scale that as one would expect of this renowned silver company. Each is monogrammed with a “W” with in a small cartouche. As the French set tables with the tines and bowls down, in an American style table setting the monograms will, except for the knives, face down.


The set consist of:

10 Dinner forks – 8 1/4 inches

10 Salad forks – 6 5/8 inches

10 Fish forks – 7 1/4 inches

10 Fish knifes – 7 7/8 inches

10 Dessert (soup) spoons – 7 1/4 inches

10 Butter knives with steel blades – 7 inches

9 Dinner knives –10 inches

1 Dinner knife – 9 9/16 inches

The last knife’s handle is not as deep as the others but is very close to the same length, with a shorter blade.

6 Teaspoons – 5 7/8 inches


The marks on the set are interesting- see the image of the marks on the dinner fork which is stamped with:

The French standard mark used after 1994 for 925/1000 silver,

The French marker’s mark used by Christofle, and

A mark containing a crown a C and a medal which is a variation on the  Cardeilhac maker’s mark

This pattern was originally designed and made by Cardeilhac which was purchased by Christofle  in 1951.

Weight 110 Troy ounces – The dinner and butter knives were not weighed.

Condition: Excellent, with light wear.