An English Sterling Epergne Made by Mathew Boulton, Birmingham, 1825 – 26

This is a fine late Regency epergne. It is fully marked. The bowl supports are removable. They can be interchanged with candle sockets made by Robinson, Edkins, and Aston of Birmingham. There is a heavy oak case fitted to store the epergne. The case was made in the 1860’s and is probably responsible for the remarkable condition of all the parts. The condition is excellent, however there is an old repair on the paneled base which has a reinforcement on the inside. This is a sound repair. There is a crest and a motto – Een Do And Spare Not. The crest and motto are those of the MacGregor family. The epergne weighs 155 ounces. The candle sockets weigh an additional 19 ounces. The epergne is 17 inches high and 18 inches wide. The glass is old but may not be original.

Price $12,000.00