An American Aesthetic Movement Tobacco Box Made by the Gorham Company, Date Marked 1882 – SOLD

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This tobacco box is in the form of an elongated oval. It measures 3 5/8 inches in length, 2 3/8 inches in width, and approximately 3/4 inches in height. It has a hinged lid, and the interior of both body and lid are gilded. The exterior of the object is decorated with an abstract geometric pattern. The top has acid-etched decoration in the form of flowers, a butterfly, and the figure of a woman holding a tray of fruit above her head. The back is decorated with acid-etched foliage and a tea cup. This tobacco box appears in the Gorham catalog for 1888. The upper outer rim of the box base is marked with the Gorham logo marks, “STERLING/ 385/ 0 (Gorham date mark for 1882).” Condition is very good.

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