Olga Finzi Baldi Vase

Olga Finzi Baldi is a very a well-known Italian silversmith of the mid 20th-century.  She designed jewelry and hollowware and was perhaps best known for the Manhattan tea set which was made for and exhibited at the World Exposition in Brussels in 1958. In 1967 she opened a studio in Milan at Porta Vigentina 19. She designed many exhibition pieces, as well as a range of commercial work.

This vase was designed by Olga Finzi Baldi, a renowned Italian silversmith in 1989.  This one may be the original or one of a few made later. It is magnificently crafted.  It was in an exhibition of Italian working silversmiths called “Argenti Italiani-Selezione Design—Triumphs of Italian Silver Design,” which traveled to museums around the world and finally, it was purchased at its last venue, the Keith Lipert Gallery in Washington D.C., where the objects were for the first time offered for sale. The catalogue exhibition and the original receipt will be given to the purchaser.


Height: 18 inches to the top of the handle and spout

Weight: 39 troy ounces

Marked: The Italian national mark with her number 756.

                 (She registered her studio in 1956)

                 Her signature


 There is a paste on label on the bottom with her studio’s name and address


Price:  $8,000.00